Ampeater Streams the new Uncles record "m4w"

Like a good parent, Ampeater loves each and every one of our digital 7-inches equally. Officially, that is. Behind closed doors, there’s a handful of artists we take home with us–they live on our iPods and in our car stereos. They know our personal Gmail addresses and together we’ve listened, hand in hand, to gentle folk ballads about Goatse. These are the privileged few, and we’d bend over backwards to see their records top the charts. If you’ve been paying any attention to Ampeater over the last few years, you might have noticed that Uncles is one of the elect. They first appeared with a digital 7-inch on AEM092, then returned will a full stream of their last album “Replacing Words With Other Words”. We brought them into the studio for a Casual Business session and included them on our first Concrete Experience mixtape. We’re now proud to offer their latest and greatest LP as a free stream.

This Old Town This Old Town.mp3

Green Apple Skoal Green Apple Skoal.mp3

Ballad of Lehigh Valley Ballad of Lehigh Valley.mp3

Turkey Water Turkey Water.mp3

Bayberry Lane Bayberry Lane.mp3

Clarinets Clarinets.mp3

Heavens Table Heavens Table.mp3

m4w m4w.mp3

Palm Reader Palm Reader.mp3

Darling Take Your Coat Darling Take Your Coat.mp3

Side of the City Side of the City.mp3