Snapshot: EULA

In Ampeater’s Words: EULA knows just when to offer the audience a lollipop and when to slap it in the face. Often, the artist manages to do both at the same time. Alyse Lamb’s soft soprano vocals can come across as cute, but with an undeniable undercurrent of sarcasm. She’s like the devious kid sister who melted your legos in her easybake oven or folded your baseball cards into paper cranes, but somehow managed to shed enough fake tears to evade punishment. Lamb’s voice is beautiful, and a little bit cruel. With spastic rhythms and appropriate levels of distortion, the instrumentals tap into the fuck-you sentiment of vintage punk and thrash but without so much anger. Instead, the music veers into bursts of danceable euphoria. The minimalist three-piece formation helps to avoid the clutter that could otherwise ensue, and allows each instrument or voice to stand out in the mix. Still, EULA reminds us that it doesn’t take a large band to create a lot of noise. “Maurice Narcisse,” leaves no doubt that the artist has a good time on stage, and ends each show with a smile and no remorse for the blown-out sound systems left behind.

In The Artist’s Words:

So sticky, so nutty, so heavy… mashed against a wall of sweet gelatinous gooeyness…. slammed in between 2 wholesome pieces of softness… the roof of your mouth is a little shredded from the peanuts and the jelly is slipping down your chin but you can’t stop taking bites of that sandwich. C’est EULA.

Maurice Narcisse Narcisse.mp3