The Ampeater Review takes pride in our obsession for detail. We like to ruminate on each review and allow ourselves to digress into abstract philosophical speculations, conversations with ourselves, grandiose cinematic fantasies, obscure biographical anecdotes, metaphors cloaked in metaphors, and even confessions about our troubled personal lives. Sometimes, we manage to weave these disparate threads together into a coherent and profound reflection on the music. Regardless, we manage to have fun.

But, we also realize that less can be more. The world craves reduced calories, thinner phones, lower taxes, slimmer waistlines, etc. Thus, we’ve decided to supplement our traditional features with a new release format-the Ampeater Snapshot Series.

The Ampeater Snapshot Series will provide a concise and articulate glimpse into each featured artist, without all the extra pontification. Each release will include one track, one photo, under a hundred words from the artist, and under two hundred words from us. We plan to keep it simple, and hopefully fresh! The series will enable us to better accommodate our large volume of submissions from talented artists and to offer our readership a steady dose of new music.

The Ampeater Snapshot will be a regular component of the site, with a new artist featured every Monday. Tune in for the first installment, Monday, December 3rd!