AEM137-1 Del Bel

Last November, I reviewed Del Bel, a Toronto-based electro-acoustic indie collective led by multi-instrumentalist Tyler Belluz, defined by the memorable voice of Lisa Conway, and supported by some dozen talented musicians.

Those who enjoyed Del Bel the first time around will be happy to hear that the collective is about to release a remix album of Oneiric, the album from which the two previous tracks were drawn. When? Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait! The album will be released today at the Kazoo! Festival in Guelph, Ontario. Each remix was produced by a different DJ from Guelph in a different style in honor of the festival.

For those who can’t bear to wait a few more hours, check out the streamable/downloadable remix of “No Reservation.” You may remember the composition from AEM137. To appreciate the remix, we recommend that you listen to both versions side-by-side. While the original is rooted around a heavy bass groove, the remix unfolds at a slower pace, leaving the listener in anticipation of that magic moment when the beat drops and the crowd goes wild.

The remix was produced by Live Action Fezz, a multimedia artist and designer best known as a member of the popular indie dance-rock band Green Go.

Those who want to hear more can purchase the full remix album through Del Bel’s Bandcamp page. In addition to the digital version, the collective is offering a ‘semi-physical’ version of the release with small versions of the poster attached here (with the download code behind it), accompanied by a Kareem Abdul Jabbar basketball card.

Why Kareem Abdul Jabbar? Well, why not! He seems like a safer choice of basketball hero than Bill Lambeer, the legendary fouler commemorated in my recent review of Clear Plastic Masks.

Also, when you take a close look at the event poster, you’ll notice that his name makes a nice allusion to remixes, Del Bel, and the Kazoo! Festival.

No Reservation Reservation.mp3